ARC Apertures™

The Best FIB Apertures in The World
ARC has the only EDM equipment of its kind in the United States and the most talented engineers in the world, giving us the ability to produce FIB Apertures that are far superior to any you've ever relied on. Here are a few advantages:

  • Customized FIB Apertures & strips to any specification
  • Detailed micrographs of both sides of FIB Apertures
  • NIST traceable certifications for diameter and circularity
  • Unique serial numbers

Easier Than Ever Before
Replacing off-the-shelf FIB aperture parts and designing completely customized FIB Apertures is easier than ever. Try our easy online system and learn how your business can benefit.

Standard OEM and Custom

Standard OEM Replacement
With the most advanced equipment in the nation, ARC manufactures FIB Apertures with superior design and performance to those offered by OEM suppliers for both FEI and Micrion.

ARC Custom FIB Apertures
For those interested in maximizing the cost-effectiveness of FIB Aperture replacement, completely customized apertures may be of interest.

How It Works
Using this site, you can specify standard OEM replacement apertures for FEI and Micrion or customize by selecting a combination of through-hole diameter/beam current values for the holes you use most.

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